Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday.

*The ability to pay for the outrageously expensive car repairs on my wagon, even if it depletes resources and necessitates rice and beans for a good while.

*Rice and beans.

* Flannel sheets.

* Daffodils.

*Aging. Gracefully. Messily. Tiredly. But getting older all the same.

*Fiestaware on the table.

*An impending Spring Break, even if shortened by snow make up days.

*Another fantastic instructor.

*The abiltity to pay for Bert's vet care, even if it depleted us for other things, and it means rice and beans for awhile.

*Rice and beans.

*Avocados and salsa, too.

*A faith community that enriches us and holds us accountable.

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