Monday, June 7, 2010

The advent of the morning box.

In an ongoing effort to simplify, organize, and give us a better start to each day, today, Monday, is the advent of the morning box.

The boy and I prepared them last night. One for him (as above) and one for me (mine already emptied of yoga pants, tee shirt, running shoes, undies, bra, socks for my inaugural Zumba class.) Once we got past the idea that the toothbrush and toothpaste didn't need to go in the morning box, that it would be "like" his cubby at school but not go *inside* his cubby at school, and that the lunch would be placed on top in the morning, we were set. In went a filled water bottle for the car, a choice of undies, socks, tee shirt, shorts and shoes. Also the school bag of freshly laundered nap mat sheet and blanket.

Surely the wisest among you have mastered this. Us, we're still working on it.

In other news, the boy tells me that five days is a lot of days and that school days are awfully long and that napping at school makes him have to stay until evening, that he misses me too much except on the days he doesn't go to school. And I have to say, I've been feeling the same way since I no longer work next door to his school and that our time commuting across town feels a bit forced. Changes are brewing. We both need a  break what with kindergarten not sneaking up to the backdoor, but walking briskly down the sidewalk toward us. That, and a job shift for me (this part remains as yet unknown,) and my hope to return to school this fall on the heels of the Mister, also to get my Masters in Education in the Art of Teaching.

In the meantime, we find great joy and comfort in having joined our church, which we really love. We kicked up our Super Summer children's series yesterday, artfully planned and executed by our beloved children's Pastor Heather (Ziggy's pronounced "Christ Teacher") and a slew of parent volunteers. I so enjoyed working with the fourth, fifth and sixth grade children, and am especially pleased that we have integrated (bumpily, perhaps) the Golden Triangle community into this children's programming of largely native English speakers and country dwellers.

Ziggy is also for the first time participating in Vacation Bible School at our dear neighborhood Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) which is an ecumenical K-6 program co-sponsored by the neighborhood Episcopal and Presbyterian churches. Last night was the first night and the sweetest, loveliest thing with a family cookout and lawn games and an original curriculum called Batter Up! all about the Bible Hall of Famers Hannah, Lydia, Peter and Ruth, there because of their gifts of service and stepping up to the plate when called.

The Y pool is open and the boy and I are using it regularly. Our CSA boxes are coming each week and gloriously supplying us with delicious goods. The Mister made a Michigan run for Memorial Day, and we are at this point, trying to configure our lives to join in on a La Grone family beach vacation later this summer before all the kids are back at school and all the teachers and adult students report for duty.

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