Sunday, March 13, 2011

Packing for a visit to Diggy & Papa.

Our Spring Break begins tomorrow, after a snow make-up day. The Mister and the Dog and the Cats will hold the homefront down while the Boy and I head to Diggy & Papa's for a couple days. I asked the Boy to pack for himself by putting the things he wants to take on my bed.

Right now, there is a pile which includes:

one giant pencil
one giant pen
Star Wars, Return of the Jedi on VHS tape
Star Wars, a book reading, on DVD
one disc from a set of Three Stooges DVDs
one Fantastic Four comic book
Bob, the wig, which we'll return to our friend Jo Hunter
a lanyard holding a passel of Silly Bands
a pinstriped gray wool newsboy cap
an American flag
a blow up National Geographic beach ball type globe toy
Irish, the Roomba
and a number of Star Wars action figures

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