Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Annual letter work up.

I'm helping my mother cull and insert the edits into the long standing annual La Grone family Christmas letter. Some of us are more particular than others about which photographs and descriptions and activities are included. You know how this goes.

Too, I'm reviewing my own last year's letter which was loooooooooooong. And preparing a shortie from the Nashville Babcocks for this year.

I asked Ziggy to help me write it, telling him I'd come up with topics and he could tell me anything about them that he wanted, but beyond School: "It's great. No. Awesome. I'm in kindergarten," and The Flood: "Our old house flooded and it was bad and made really gross mold that made us sick," he is uninterested.
"Write it yourself," he tells me.

So I'm left on my own to chronicle our year.

Do YOU do an annual letter or list of some sort?

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