Sunday, May 16, 2010

In Other News.

I was in a little car accident on the way to Chelle's house the other day to drop off some donations for flood affected families. This was after taking the boy to school and the dog to the country vet well outside of town, and running into Lane Bryant and then Costco really really fast. My car's drivable and there are lots of good things about when and how it happened, but I'm sore as hell on top of my busted tailbone and already bruised self from having spectacularly fallen down the basement steps during our failed attempt to bail water out of the basement. And I almost cried all over Chelle saying ,"It's alright."

My parents are in town and I love them so, but oh, they are a bit high maintenance. Which they in fact know. I can't bring them here to the river smelling explosion of basement crap everywhere. It's OK. They didn't like their food at Noshville, and Ziggy was pretty well wired. But supper at Las Maracas next to our Y with them was really nice, as was a cone at Pied Piper after.

My folks are here in town because the Mister and I are at last transferring our memberships from other churches to Belmont UMC today, and because Ziggy  has decided he wants to be baptised. I had my doubts about it, as I was wary about his idea about it, but when he told me, "It mean uhscepting the love of God that's already there," I immediately knew he got it in the way I felt really good about and I like very much the idea of our village at church stepping up to "own" him and love him and be his family, too. And I'm all weepy just typing this because it's a beautiful thing. And I'm glad my super social wild child has a group of folks who are so OK with letting him be him and that even if he jumps around on the steps during his baptism or asks a lot of questions or sings a few lines of The Clash, these folks think he's great and love him to pieces. And I'm grateful.

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