Thursday, January 1, 2009

Excerpted goals & resolutions for 2009.

-our household theme as a whole is stewardship in all things and in all contexts

-J.O.B. that pays for the mama. Needing that again.

* fully fund the emergency fund
*create and sustain a livable budget

-floss each day

-open and sort mail daily

-drink less coffee

-laugh more

-deepen and maintain friendships

-deepen and maintain spiritual path

-break out my sewing machine


-declutter the house and get it to base level

-in general be more patient

-be kinder to my husband, son and other family members

-delve back into therapy

-read more

-write more (depending on your perspective, this is where you blog readers benefit. or not. I'm back after a long non-pregnant pause....)

-talk less, listen more

-complete RIP w/ the boy

-put in the garden earlier this year

-see my parents monthly

-get childcare co-op up and running

-make monthly dates with my husband a priority

-do more cool things with my family like take hikes and see the migrating cranes -- this happens when I put it on the calendar and plan ahead!!

-provide a better, more consistent framework for the boy's early education and socializing
(this may be an emerging challenge w/ paying J.O.B. again)

-begin the long haul to get fit again -- I'd like to be fifty pounds lighter by end of 2009


  1. I love small and realistic resolutions like "floss daily." One year I set the goal of washing my hands more.

  2. Anonymous10:24 AM

    go ms booty, go!


    (lovin' you since time began, and possibly before)

  3. girl kelly9:38 AM

    infused with spirit!

    the wind's at your back, paige.