Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Random play....

  • Why are all Richard Scarry books so damned *violent* and full of peril? Seriously. I don't think I ever noticed this until we began reading our broken down childhood copies to our own toddler. There are wrecks of all kinds, Biblical type floods, lost possessions, cooking disasters, etc.
  • how horrible am I for thinking of returning a terrifically elegant and shocking birthday gift from my Mister?
  • Any of you know how to build stilts? Want to come build some? Holler at me.
  • Do you have a business that would like to sponsor Nashville's 2nd Annual Mother's Day Peace Parade? Would your group like to be a part? Red Hat Society? Lawn Mower Brigade? Fife & drum corps? Seriously. If so: email me.
  • Anyone plan to attend BlogHer in Chicago this July? I'm pondering it in my heart, as we say.


  1. Megan6:36 PM

    You want stilts...as in walking on stilts so you are off the ground???

    if so...uncle chuck made some for me and josie when we were younger. :)now arent you glad you are now in a crazy family that has a history of stilt making? hehe :D

  2. yep, stilts that lift a mama higher, the better to raise visibility.

    that chuck, he's a fun one. my Mister has so many good stories of growing up with chuck a mere handful of years older and always up for some good mischief.

    hey, megan, tell our mandy to check out Big Momma at the bookshop!!


  3. megan1:13 PM

    yeah...uncle chuck is definately still a big kid! :D i'll let mandy know about the book. she is always up for new books to read...and since she is in the childrens dept she is expanding her collection of kid books for the much distant babies that we all have! :D


    ps...he is such a cutie and soooo big! you should stop feeding him! i <3 all the pics!