Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A pox on our home.

This was what rotavirus looked like at the Booty Household in a more relaxed moment LAST year.

This year, we're on day five with Ziggy, and now Daddy Booty's down for the count, too. As yet, there have been virtually no such relaxed moments this go round.

Since Friday:

  • Number of paper diapers used: nearly 70
  • Number of sink pukes: at least three
  • Number of Emergency Room visits: one
  • Number of Pedialyte products consumed: five single serve apple flavored, one large grape flavored, half a dozen freezer pops
  • Number of hours MBH has slept: 13
  • Number of loads of laundry run: 11
  • Number of "emergency" baths: three
  • Number of sinks full of handwashed dishes: countless (with boiled water & teeny capfuls of bleach)


  1. We had it last week. Eliza and I probably threw up 25 times each on the same day. Luckily she got to the point of keeping down liquids before the day was over, but I couldn't and was really dehydrated.

  2. Terrible, Indie! But so glad you're both better. It's been a rough go around here, and health restoration can come none too soon for this worn-out mama. I know at least 6 other families in my wider circle currently battling this illness and have heard that Abintra and other schools have been closed due to the epidemic, too.