Monday, January 29, 2007

Jumping back into the fray....

Juggling settling into new home, new job, mothering a toddler. (Dances incessantly, loves to draw with crayons and painting is big, too. Mind blowingly-- to me, anyway-- already knows several colors and a few letters. Remind me to write his latest joke out! Teeth, teeth, teeth. Lack of sleep.)

Transitions abound. My Beloved Mister started a new job today.

It's still a New Year. Rung in, not wrenched out.

Planning for building and planting the raised beds and clover seeding the backyard. Still have bulbs of all kinds to put in, too, as my amaryllis blooms on the kitchen window sill, awaiting the company of the chives, parsley, and basil Ziggy and I planted in tiny pots as neighboring plants. Dreaming of warmer days while the babe and I wear hats and extra layers indoors and out.


  1. What a beautiful boy. Good work, Ms. Booty! (and Mister, too)

  2. Congrats on the jobs! And what cute curls on that boy. (Why are curls wasted on boys, I ask?)

    If you ever need tips on gardening, or book recommendations thereto, give me a holler.