Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Harvest Moon, Shine on Me.

October is my very most favorite month. The turning leaves, the chill in the air, really good cocoa while snuggled up reading with my man. I am heady with the abundance of harvest, of love, of closeness and family, and with the feeling that all things are possible.

October is also the month of My Beloved Mister's birthand of wandering backroads in search of a pumpkin farm. It is the time of year we fell in love, shared our first kiss, and a year later stood in a room with one another and some of our closest loved ones to say, "I do."

Last harvest season, we had a new babe and a housefull of revolving visitors. One weekend, we visited a farm out in Franklin. After carefully choosing the pumpkins, nursing in car and getting the newborn Ziggy all tucked into his car seat, Daddy Booty drove off with the pumpkins on top of the car. We ended up going elsewhere to pick up more pumpkins and produce.

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