Saturday, September 30, 2006

Potatoes, Sausage & Greens Redux: HASH.

so i'm trying to get quicker / smarter about nutritious whole foods cooking utilizing all our good CSA produce and the time and resources i've got on hand. so i've been catching some 30 minute meals segments during nursing to nap time to inspire. and though i know others find RR hopelessly perky and too girl next door, i really like that about her. i dig her.

based on something i saw earlier in the week, i did a lovely breakfast for us today that could serve for any meal of the day. and the baby child LOVED it. he chowed down. My Beloved Mister enjoyed, too. with good strong french roast, whole grain toast w/ apricot spread and juice, this was a family-happy meal.

Hopelessly Good and Good for you Hash

6 - 8 smallish potatoes diced smallish (cubes)
1/2 onion chopped coarsely
1 bell pepper (green and red)
1/2 lb smoked sausage link, diced
1 T minced garlic
black pepper
sea salt
1 bunch arugala, tatsoi, spinach or other green, cleaned and chopped

fried eggs

Sautee all your diced veggies in EVOO until carmelized. Season w/ s & p and parsley. Add greens 'til wilted and take flame off / down.

Fry up some eggs.

Dish up hash, top w/ fried egg or two per serving. If you leave the eggs a little soft, it's especially wonderful, but you won't want runny eggs for the littlest people.

Terribly easy & fast fast fast. and GOOD.

I reckon you could use whatever veggies and meat you like. Rachael Ray used ham and other things in the version she made on 30 minute meals.


  1. Hey, using the same sort of ingredients, I made a soup last week that was surprisingly good. I needed to write a potato, leek and pea soup recipe for a pressure cooker class I am teaching, so I made a typical "leeks sauteed in butter/o.o. with peeled potatoes, chicken stock, a carrot and a bit of onion - puree, add frozen peas, finish with some milk, lots of black pepper and sea salt" kind of a soup. After two day of this, I needed to find something else to do with it so that hubby would eat it again, so I sauteed some sausage and added ribboned fresh kale, then added some soup and topped with a little grated cheddar. It was fantastic, way better than soup #1. Highly recommended for using up these fall greens in an unconventional way!
    xxoo - happy cooking - M

  2. thanks, M. the post previous is a chowder i did w/ most of the samey ingredients. the CSA shares are sooooo big.


  3. yum we had this for breakfast today, but with sweet potatoes instead of white and without sausage. so so good.

  4. This. was. fabulous.

    I printed it out months ago and finally got around to it last weekend. Used boca sausage, husband separated some out to make a carnivore version.

    De-LISH. And has mileage.