Friday, September 23, 2005

Dreaming in Vivid Color.

Ms. Booty woke in the darkness of this early morning having had a round of disturbing dreams.

Despite my family's age old belief in NOT telling a dream before breakfast, I whispered the most easily recalled vision to my man, who told me it sounded like one of his own anxiety dreams:

My Mister showed up to pick me up driving his work truck. In the course of his workday, he'd found a tiny baby girl who'd been abandonned by parents who did not want her; thus, she died. Knowing that I'd feel the same, prospective parents that we are, my man decided that the baby girl needed to be returned to the earth that made her in order to be respectful of her presence and of her passage. Thus, we headed over to a natural foods market and made two purchases: one) a cloth nappy to dress the babe in, and two) a packet of stew bones to place around the babe when we lay her in the woods, the better to draw wolves who'd dispose of the body naturally as we believed most right.

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