Monday, January 2, 2012

Further reflection on Twenty Twelve.

Very simple New Year resolution: NO more talking on the cell phone while driving. 

Otherly, goal like: monthly projects and plans (No spend (other than necessities) January and no fast food January -- seemingly redundant, but important to keep at bay that six year old's call for fast food in the car and mama's giving in because of poor planning on my part.) 

As per my friend Kelly Manchego Crase, I am focusing on what I'm not going to do this year: I am not going to talk on the cell phone while driving, I am not going to be a poor steward of money and time, I am not going to give in to instant gratification. Playing my friend Julie Helm Clark's Pollyanna game, I am going to focus on what I DO have and AM and what's going RIGHT this year. 

Like this: I am thankful for a ready smile and a body that moves mostly like I want and need it to and for its ability to provide comfort to my loved ones with hugs and snuggles and a lap and a strong back. 

As an overarching annual goal, I endeavor to pay greater respect and attention *throughout the year* to my role as my family's spiritual leader. 

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