Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Things we've been doing.

Listening to and making music.
Being sick. Oh, dear. I have strep. Again.

Growing and buying new shoes and clothes (Ziggy doing the growing, me doing the buying.)

Going to the Y.
Visiting with friends.
Reading. Playing board games. Painting pictures on brown paper bags.

Preparing for school: mine, the Mister's, and Ziggy's.
Looking for a job.

Visiting and playing and eating and having a big time with family at North Topsail Beach in North Carolina.
Retracing some of our honeymoon path (thanks, Babe) on the way home from the beach.
Visiting the doctor's office.
Cooking up and serving beautiful CSA meat, eggs and produce.
Sorting through mail.
Picking up prescriptions.
Taking vitamins, drinking lots of water, sleeping extra.

Watching Star Wars.
Talking to FEMA.
Finally connecting with the insurance adjuster about my damaged wagon from the May accident.
Arranging for repair of said vehicle and rental vehicle during its repair.

Really coming to understand that the sickness is mold influenced and that the flood just keeps on giving.
Looking for a new place to call home.
Sorting through scam listings of rental homes.

Finding and signing a lease on a sweet little square brick home with three bedrooms (the upstairs for the boy's slumber and play quarters, the smallest bedroom as a mini man-cave for the Mister's office and CDs and comics and bits and bobs, the other for the love nest,) a dining room (which we've not had for three years now,) two full bathrooms (!!!), a deck, more kitchen space than I've had in ages, with a dishwasher, even, a first.

Packing, sorting, purging. Dreaming paint colors and moving furniture in the imagination. Thinking home.

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